Canton Chair Rental
4850 Southway Street SW
Canton, OH 44706
Phone: 330-477-7719

Our Mission Statement is "We provide quality rental equipment, materials and expertise to enable our customers to produce outstanding special events.

Our Motto is "We don't just rent tables and chairs- We Rent Events!"TN

We are a full service rental company. This means that we can handle virtually any special event.

We have tables and chairs as well as linen, china, staging, tenting, cooking equipment, trade show pipe and drape, lighting, and much more. Our inventory is extensive in terms of breadth (different types of items) and depth (adequate numbers).

Wedding Planning, Special Event Planning-What does all this mean? We realize that every rental corresponds to a special event, and that special events require planning.

Weddings, graduation parties, open houses, backyard barbeques, visits from relatives and friends, festivals, even card parties are just a few examples of special happenings that we service.

We do not only look at ourselves as a provider of hard goods like tables and chairs. We want to help our customers make their event special through proper planning, asking the right questions, matching the right equipment to their needs and budget, making sure the items they receive are in the best condition possible and seeing to it that their rentals are delivered and picked up as scheduled.

At Canton Chair Rental-

"We Don't Just Rent Tables and Chairs, We Rent Events!"TN

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