Flow Science, Inc.
683 Harkle Rd Ste A
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Web: www.flow3d.com

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Flow Science was founded in 1980 by Dr. C. W. (Tony) Hirt, who was one of the principals in pioneering the “Volume-of-Fluid” or VOF method while working at the Los Alamos National Lab. FLOW-3D is a direct descendant of this work, but in the intervening years we have taken it to a much higher level withTruVOF, boasting major improvements in the accuracy of tracking distinct liquid/gas interfaces. FLOW-3D is about much more than just free-surface flows though. It is a complete multi-physics package with significant modeling capabilities including but not limited to fluid-structure interaction, 6-DoF moving objects, and multiphase flows. From the beginning, our goal and vision has been to provide our customers with excellence in flow modeling software and services. Our most recent strategic plan gives voice to this vision:

To be the only solution that engineers worldwide look to for answers to their free-surface problems; to deliver those answers accurately, quickly, and easily.

We know that modeling complex flow domains is not simple, so we give careful attention to each customer’s special modeling needs. As a result, we expose a significant portion of our program to user interaction, avoiding the “black box” approach applied by other CFD packages. We support a stellar customer base of commercial, academic, and government users around the globe who use FLOW-3D to improve the world on a daily basis, a fact we are very proud of. We take care of these users directly, and through a high-quality channel of affiliated companies (Flow Science Japan, Flow Science Deutschland GmbH, and Flow Science Software Trading Co., Ltd (China))  and independent partners.

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