3416 Principle Cassandra DBA
Job Opportunity at Joseph Michaels International

Posted on Dec 7

http://www.josephmichaels.com    800-786-1099

Location: Boston, MA
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4146046


? Design database structures for new app features and reviews those designed by developers (tables, columns etc.).

? Manage database structure and code versions.
? Work with Database Operations Team.

? Create DB standards and coding conventions.

? Write SQL queries for new features and reviews those written by developers.

? Help solving stability and performance problems between the application and the database.

? Set up databases for new customer implementations.

? Perform cutover data migrations.

? Regularly look at performance reports from Prod for catching potential performance problems.

? Introduce, implement and manages mechanisms of database code versioning.



? Bachelor's degree or equivalent


? Minimum 8 years related experience and 2 Years experience with Cassandra


? Experience in database analysis, development and reporting.

? Working knowledge of XDB and MDSYS

? Strong understanding of database concepts including normalization, optimization, etc.

? Working knowledge of Oracle including stored procedures, triggers, index optimization, backup and recovery

? Able to design, write or re-engineer database scripts to enhance functionality of system

? Able to establish standards for configuring databases and monitor adherence.

? Experienced at installing and configuring database management software, translating database design and diagnosing database performance issues

? Can solve problems quickly

? Unix/Linux experience on user level is a must


? Knowledge of MySQL, SQLite, Pro*C

? Experience with Spring/Hibernate and extracting stored procedures into Java code

? Understanding of Web Servers (Apache, nginx ) and PHP

? Experience with profilers, debuggers, monitoring and diagnostic

? Python or other dynamic languages programming skills

Specialized Skills & Knowledge:

? Working knowledge of security, system monitoring, tuning, physical database maintenance, back-up recover procedures, upgrades, logical and physical design of database.

? Working knowledge of database security, system monitoring, tuning, physical database maintenance, back-up and recovery procedures and upgrades.

? Documentation: Enters, transcribes, records, stores or maintains information in written or electronic form.

? Able to analyses user needs and product requirements to create a design.

? Able to create, execute, and document the tests necessary to assure that an application or technical environment meets user functional and performance requirements.

? May also included automation test tools.


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