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Job Opportunity at ODOT - District 12

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Location: Warrensville, OH
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4147439

Transportation - District 12
5500 Transportation Blvd.
Garfield Heights, OH 44125
(216) 581-2100

Invites applications for the position of:


An Equal Opportunity Employer

PN: 20057255-17B
Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent, Bargaining-Unit
Location: Cuyahoga County
Promotional Bid:
classified position (may include promotion, transfer or demotion)
Job Location: Warrensville FSMF 25609 Emery Rd., Warrensville Hts., OH 44128
Division: Highway Management
Opening Date: Thu. 11/30/17
Closing Date/Time: Sat. 12/09/17 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Pay Range: 06
Hours of work: 10:00 PM - 6:30 AM ***Hours may vary based on operational needs

$16.59 - $18.34 Hourly

Job Duties:

Looking for great benefits, stability, & opportunities for advancement?

Do you have a Class A or B CDL with tanker endorsement without airbrake restrictions?

Enjoy working outdoors?

If the answer is yes, we have an opportunity for you in our Warrensville FSMF!

With a mission to provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for maintaining one of the largest transportation networks in the nation.

Become a Highway Technician 1 at ODOT & take part in our mission!

If you would like to be part of our team, please apply! ODOT has a diverse workforce with varying backgrounds and experiences, and our team is second to none!

As a full time ODOT employee, the benefits available are exceptional! Total benefits package estimate is valued between $10,000 and $20,000 above and beyond hourly wage!

  • Pay for a Highway Technician 1 starts at $16.59/hour with training opportunities* to earn up to $18.34/hour.

  • Overtime opportunity (Paid at OT compensation rate of 1 1/2 hourly rate or earned time off).

  • Paid time off (10 holidays; vacation, sick and personal leave).

  • Health insurance coverage for you, AND your dependents is offered the first of the month following your start date.

  • Tuition assistance available.

  • Student loan forgiveness program opportunity offered as a public servant.

  • Future financial security opportunities offered with employer retirement contribution toward OPERS of 14%, and opportunity to participate in Deferred Compensation program.

As a Highway Technician you will have the following opportunities:

  • Operate basic equipment (examples include backhoes, loaders, graders, tractors, plows & spreaders, trucks requiring Class B CDL with tanker endorsement without airbrake restriction)

  • Perform general highway maintenance duties, which vary by season

  • Receive training (i.e., on the job & formal) in operation of basic, standard & complex equipment

  • Advancement within the agency with formal training and experience available through the HT Academy*.

*HT Academy is a structured training program available for all Highway Technician employees to receive certification and education to advance through the HT Series for higher level positions and increased compensation opportunity.

A Physical Ability Test (PAT) and Reading Comprehension & Math (RCM) Test will be given for the Highway Technician 1 position and candidates MUST pass both tests in order to be considered for employment. PAT/RCM candidates will be selected based in part on meeting the prescribed minimum qualifications, including education and/or experience or licensure requirements of this position. Applicants selected to take the test will be notified by mail, per the address provided on the application, of the exact time and location to report for the test administration.

Please click below to view the Highway Technician 1 Classification Specifications:

Minimum Qualifications: Requires Valid Commercial Driver's License, Class "B", with a tanker endorsement and without air brake restrictions

Formal education in arithmetic that includes addition & subtraction & decimals, percentages & fractions; ability to read, write & speak common English vocabulary; 3 mos. trg. or 3 mos. exp. in operation of basic equipment.

Note: Applicant must have valid Commercial Driver's License at the appropriate level pursuant to approved position description on file to operate motorized equipment of size & type regulated by section 4506 of Ohio Revised Code.
-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.

Major Worker Characteristics: Knowledge of addition & subtraction, decimals, percentages & fractions; safety practices associated with highway maintenance & use of traffic control equipment*; agency policies*. Skill in use of basic equipment & related highway maintenance tools; traffic control equipment. Ability to recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; read & verbalize simple sentences; maintain accurate records; cooperate with co-workers on group projects; demonstrate strength to lift 50-100 pounds.
(*) Developed after employment.

Supplemental Information:

"Promotional Opportunity". This position is open to all interested applicants; however, it shall be filled pursuant to the provisions of the OCSEA/AFSCME contract" (See Article 17.03 of the contract).

All Bargaining Unit new hires MUST serve a one (1) year probationary period.

This position is overtime eligible based on FLSA standards.

Per Federal Regulations, the final applicant selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis prior to appointment to test for illegal drug use. An applicant with a positive test result will not be offered employment.

PER ORC 4506.20, Applicants applying for positions as a driver of a commercial motor vehicle must provide their employment history for the ten (10) years proceeding the date the employment application is submitted to ODOT.

Applicants for CDL position must list the names and addresses of previous employers for which he/she was the operator of a commercial motor vehicle, dates employed and reason for leaving previous employers.

Physical Ability Test (PAT) - This test will require candidates to physically demonstrate the ability to lift, pull, drag, and/or maneuver 50-100 pounds. There are six (6) events to the Physical Ability Test course which consist of equipment and materials utilized on-the-job by current Highway Technician 1's. Candidates MUST successfully complete each of the six (6) events in order to pass the physical ability test and continue on to the Reading Comprehension & Math (RCM) Test. Applicants must pass both the PAT & RCM Tests in order to be considered for employment.

To Apply: Applicants MUST submit an Ohio Civil Service Application by the closing date/time by applying on-line at the website: careers.ohio.gov

Postmarked applications received after the deadline date will not be considered. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this posting, please contact Charity Armstrong, Human Resources, (216) 584-2027.

When you go to the Ohio Hiring Management System (OHMS) website: www.careers.ohio.gov; you will find information on "How to Apply". When the OHMS page opens, click on Search for State Government Jobs then on the next screen go to Agency and scroll down and click on Transportation District 12. The job vacancy or vacancies should appear.

All interested applicants must clearly document how they meet the Minimum Qualifications AND Position Specific Minimum Qualifications identified below, in order to be given consideration.

Unusual Working Conditions:
Works outside exposed to weather (e.g., including rain, lightening, humidity & hot temperatures in summer time & cold temperatures in winter) & on-going traffic; may work rotating shift; may be on-call 24 hrs., 7 days per week; lift & transport 50-100 pounds; exposed to unpleasant surroundings to include dead animals, containers filled with human waste, diapers, ditches with water & sewage, loud noise from equipment & traffic, confined work area while driving truck during regular &/or double shift during snow & ice removal or in confined space while digging ditches to install pipes or digging holes; exposed to insects such as bees, mosquitoes, flies & spiders; exposed to rodents to include mice & rats; exposed to stray dogs, dirt, dust, fumes, poison ivy/sumac & pollen.

*May work evenings or week-ends; may travel overnight.

The final candidate selected for the position will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position. An individual assessment of an applicant's prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If attaching a document that contains your SSN, please redact SSN before attaching it to your application.

The State of Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, religion, age, disability or military status in employment or provision of services.

When contacted for an interview, an applicant who requires special accommodations, due to a disability, should notify the office so that proper arrangements can be made.

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