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Posted on May 16

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Histo Tech – 2-4 Days a Week / 8 hours a day each day (0800am-1630pm)

Histopathology Technician
A general knowledge of biology, cell biology, chemistry (organic and inorganic) and the established principles, concept, and skills in performing and monitoring the full range of routine procedures.
Knowledge of appropriate scientific fields (histology, cytology, anatomy, and physiology) that is sufficient to assist with assessing and correlating data and understanding diagnosis, Has knowledge of gross anatomy and pathologic abnormalities in a variety of gross specimens.
Knowledge of histology procedures sufficient to assist with processes involving troubleshooting and equipment. The work requires knowledge of the specialized histopathology diagnostic of immunob1stochemistry and enzyme cytochem1stl)\ knowledge of tissue architecture, and expected product reactions. The positron requires skill in performing all aspects of microtomy and a thorough knowledge of fixation. dehydration and infiltration theory.
This knowledge  enables  the  incumbent  to  perform  as  a  specialist  in  providing  test  development  and Technical  diagnostic support pertaining   to  the use of specialized histopathology diagnostic techniques in: immunohistochemistry and enzyme cytochemistry. Specifically, the incumbent provides histologic preparations required to discern the nature and extent of disease in surgical and autopsy patients from all sources.
For immunohistochemistry, the incumbent prepares all reagents and performs all procedure for this exacting multiple-step procedure. A variety of monoclonal and polyvalent antisera are employed for the detection of antigens in tissue specimens. The incumbent must be familiar with the reactivity and specificity of each. The incumbent must ascertain the appropriate positive and negative controls for all procedures to insure accurate interpretation of the reactions. The antibodies must be maintained in a meticulous manner with close attention to the acquisition and expiration dates, as well.as storage conditions. In addition, because antibodies are often stored for months, they must be periodically reevaluated for proper reactivity and carefully monitored for sensittv1ty and specificity. The incumbent must be knowledgeable regarding the primary and secondary step reagents to be used in the immunohistochemical procedures. Familiarity with automated and manual staining methodologies is required.
The incumbent also possesses knowledge about performance of postoperative and post-mortem examinations. These procedures require thorough understanding of human anatomy and familiarity with examination procedures consistent with discerning cause of death and pathologic processes, guarding against the loss of valuable diagnostic clues.
Ability to work as a member of a team and participate in the orientation and training of new employees. Basic knowledge of computer functions sufficient to use on line and Internet resources.

Histopathology Technician

  1. Surgical pathology.
The incumbent is responsible for the detailed documentation of normal gross pathologic appearance including narrative description of shape, size, weight, color, texture, architecture, nature of lesion(s) m contemporary terminology emphasizing completeness and accuracy of commumcat1on to duplicate pathologist's descriptive abilities.
Incumbent relates gross appearance to microscopic histological analysis in order to detem1ine the appropriate teclm1que for processing. He/She must extend and expand known procedures and techniques covering related situations to the assignment at hand
The incumbent works closely with clinical staff to ensure proper 1) specimen identification, 2) fixation, 3) gross description and sampling of lesions and normal (e.g., margins) tissues. The incumbent works closely with pathologists to ensure microscopic, sectioning, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and other histologic techniques are used to aid in surgical diagnosis.
The accuracy of the services rendered is expected to be high and incumbent is expected to confer with pathologists, pathology residents and/or supervisory staff as appropriate.  Specific tasks may include, but are not limited to the following:
The incumbent  assists Pathologists  in testing  new procedures  as they pertain  to diagnostic  and  experimental activity   The incumbent evaluates and introduces  new techniques  relevant  to a specialized diagnostic laboratory for  pathology. Such techniques include immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry techniques and other specialized and newly develop antibody staining techniques. The incumbent reviews new pertinent medical literature and aids in the preparation of results for publications and presentation at scientific meetings.
The incumbent responds to inoperative consultation requests. performing specialized procedures including frozen tissue sectioning and staining, preparation of cytological media and handling of Specimens for specialized procedures including: tissue cytometry. electron microscopy and cytogenetic studies.
The incumbent is responsible for operation Maintenance of numerous forms of automated and specialized equipment used in the surgical pathology, Cytology laboratory and morgue. The incumbent maintains quality control records and is able to perform routine maintenance and interim repairs to avoid delays or loss of valuable tissue specimen resulting from malfunctioning equipment. The Incumbent assist the supervisor and other professional staff in identifying quality control issues, suggesting and assisting in implementing procedural changes necessary to expedite and streamline specimen processing.
Recognition, categorization disposition of surgical pathology specimens. All elements of gross examination and sectioning of all types of routine surgical pathology specimens. Assists with the evaluation and implementation of new equipment. Responsible for the ordering and inventorying of supplies and reagents. Assist  with  the  investigation  and resolution  of  problems  related  to  surgical  pathology,  including  resolution  of specimen identification, SS#, specimen fixation, labeling of containers and requisitions. Responsible for maintaining the integrity of pathologic specimens due to their irreproducible nature.
B. Administration teaching     (15 percent):
The incumbent assists in the education and  training of residents in pathology and other medical specialties, and medical students, regarding the practice of Surgical Pathology and Autopsy, The incumbent assists with teaching residents at the grossing table to orient specimens, to dissect: using dissection protocols, and to dictate using descriptive requirements and style. Instruct on is provided at the bench and through discussions of relevant topics.
Quality Assurance (QA): The incumbent aids in the collection and interpretation of data for surgical Pathology QA program.
Laboratory inspections: The incumbent assists with the preparation of the surgical and autopsy work areas and manuals for inspection by JC, CAP, and OSHA and participates in the inspection process as required by the supervisor.

C. Autopsy     (I0 per cent):
The incumbent is responsible for assisting with all activities related to the autopsy service. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to, The following:
Logging in and the release of decedent patients. Inspection of the permission form for completeness and correctness (only if no resident is available).
Assist pathologist and or resident in the performance of autopsy, after review of the medical record, correlation of the gross pathology with patient's clinical presentation, preparation of external and internal descriptions, sectioning, and preparation of the body for pickup by funeral home.
Assist in the Preparation of Provisional Gross Diagnosis (PGAD) and Final Anatomic Diagnosis (FAD) reports prepare solutions.

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